Take Action

Let’s work together:

Come to an event or contact us if you would like to join us.

You can also become a dues paying member of DSA.

Mutual Aid:

Help members of the community meet basic needs.

The ongoing Covid-19 epidemic makes living under neoliberal capitalism even harder. Donations to the Solidarity Fund help community members navigate these conditions. We deeply appreciate donations of any size.

Not everyone can safely get groceries during this epidemic– but we’ve created a system to connect volunteers with people who need deliveries. You can volunteer here.  (We get lots of requests for volunteers who speak Spanish, but this isn’t required.)

Note: All volunteers for grocery drop-off need access to a car. We also ask that people take care of themselves first; people in high-risk categories (people >65 years of age or with relevant medical conditions) should find other ways to help. 


Every penny helps:

Your generous donation to the OC DSA goes directly towards building a more democratic future.

  • Venmo
  • PayPal (takes credit card)

A donation to our local chapter is not tax deductible. If you require that your donation be  deductible, you can give directly to the national DSA Fund . National DSA does good work, but keep in mind our local chapter will not be able to use any portion of your donation.