Homeless Relief

Homeless Relief:

OC DSA partners with Catholic Worker in Santa Ana for a weekly homeless relief project.

All are welcome.

Meet at 4:00 PM, every Wednesday:
Catholic Worker
316 South Cypress Ave
Santa Ana 92701

OC DSA Statement on Homelessness:

For decades, Orange County officials have waged war on the poorest citizens. People experiencing homelessness have been vilified by politicians and the media, and they have had some of the harshest forms of criminalization thrust upon them. Every one of Orange County’s 34 cities have laws that prohibit sleeping outdoors. In a county where it is common for rents to exceed $2,000 per month, this is completely outrageous.

The members of OC DSA believe that standing in solidarity with our unhoused brothers and sisters is vital to building a more just society. To that end, we have several ways for members to get involved in the fight to protect the poor of our county.

Many of our members frequently volunteer with the Orange County Catholic Worker. Their organization does homeless outreach and advocacy work across northern Orange County. If you are interested in bringing direct, material relief to people in need, this is a great place to get started.

The trend of criminalization is an ever evolving situation, and the fight against more draconian laws targeting the unhoused is a constant battle waged from city to city, as well as at the county level. If people experiencing homelessness begin to congregate in one city, that city will pass harsher laws and penalties against camping, or ban service providers, in an effort to harass people into moving into the next city. That next city will then do the same thing, and thus continues the vicious cycle of criminalization. If you are interested in getting involved in the legislative battles that impact our unhoused friends, we have several members who are tracking the efforts of the various cities to criminalize the homeless, and would be happy to get you up to speed so you can help.

Additionally, some of our members have been involved in several high-profile lawsuits to stymie the efforts to harm unhoused people. If you have legal expertise, or are interested in helping with these legal efforts, we encourage you to reach out to our members who are involved in advocacy work, and they can help you get involved.

The homelessness situation in Orange County is one of the most dramatic examples of the horrors that are wrought by American capitalism. We greatly encourage all members to get involved and help us fight this injustice.