Homeless Relief

Homeless Relief:

OC DSA partners with Catholic Worker in Santa Ana for a weekly breakfast service.

All are welcome.

Meet at 8:00AM, every Sunday:
Catholic Worker
316 South Cypress Ave
Santa Ana 92701

Donations are also accepted 8:00AM to 5:00PM at that same location. Items that are most needed include blankets, clothes, hygiene, and cat and dog food.

OC DSA Statement on Homelessness:

Unsheltered homelessness has increased in Orange County by 54% over the past year.  While the homeless population regularly fluctuates, the steady rise in Orange County’s homeless population, and, in particular, its unsheltered homeless population, is indicative of a crisis that capitalist society and its institutions of government are ill equipped to handle. In particular, soaring housing costs driven by a restrictive housing market and speculative real estate combined with stagnant wages created market forces that have guaranteed persistent homelessness. These market forces are exacerbated by government austerity which ensures that the needy poor are unable to access the healthcare, mental health assistance, and substance abuse treatment they need to stay off the streets.

At the Orange County Catholic Worker, we provide shelter for about thirty women who would otherwise be homeless. We also provide services to people living on the streets and in encampments including food, hygiene, and basic case management services.  When necessary, we work with lawyers to engage in legal advocacy that helps to protect the civil liberties of our homeless brothers and sisters.