May 18, 2018
  • May General Meeting

    May 18, 2018  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Irvine Ranch Water District, 15500 Sand Canyon Ave, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

    DSA-OC will be hosting our May general meeting.

    We are collecting the following items to donate to TIYAA, a local refugee group:
    - Diapers / wet wipes
    - Kids toys

    We will be voting to fill four vacancies on our Executive Committee.

    DSA Orange County is proud to offer childcare services provided by CPR trained childcare providers at this months’s general meeting. We welcome you to bring your child of any age and level of need.

    All like minded individuals welcome!

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May 20, 2018
  • Reading Group: Housing

    May 20, 2018  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Bardot Bars & Coffee, 662 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780, USA

    The Rent Is Too Damn High - especially in Orange County, where rents and housing prices have been rising much faster than wage increases. Why is this happening? What can be done?

    As with everything else in the United States, there is a racial component to housing policies that needs to be discussed first.

    One explanation that is often given for the increase in the price of housing is supply and demand. While it is certainly true that prices are higher in Southern California than, say, Saskatchewan because more people want to live here, that explanation is not satisfactory for explaining why prices are outstripping people’s ability to pay them.

    A supplementary explanation for the increase in housing prices is real estate speculation. Instead of homeowners and renters competing against what other homeowners and renters can afford to pay, they are also competing against what financial institutions can afford to pay - a massive distortion in the market that furthers inequality and extends the control that financial institutions have over your day to day life.

    An empty homes tax is one way to disincentivize absentee ownership and speculation. A tax on non-resident homeowners would be another.

    As seems to be a common theme, there is also an old California law making the situation worse. The Costa-Hawkins Act has prevented the application of rent control to many houses and apartments in California. Three members of the Assembly have introduced a bill to repeal that law, making local rent control much more feasible, and setting up one of the more important local political fights of 2018.

    Rent control itself is a very large and complex topic, and we’ll talk at the reading group about the many ways it could be implemented. Here is a basic defense of, and introduction to, the idea.

    Finally, when we think about issues of housing, we also need to think about what types of new housing should be built and how we want our neighborhoods zoned. Do we want high rise apartments or one story ranches? Do we want mixed use urban spaces or monolithic suburban spaces? The work of Jane Jacobs provides a fascinating starting point for thinking about how we want our urban habitats to look (and can also provide a starting point for discussion of gentrification).

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May 26, 2018
  • Mutal Aid Brainstorming

    May 26, 2018  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Taqueria Tapatia, 202 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92703, USA

    Continue brainstorming and long-term planning for upcoming mutual aid projects.
    All are welcome!

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May 27, 2018
  • Book Club: Capitalist Realism

    May 27, 2018  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    The Night Owl, 200 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832, USA

    Join us for a discussion of Mark Fisher’s influential book-length essay, Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative? This work examines our cultural resignation to capitalism as the ‘end of history’ and the seeming demise of the utopian vision which motivated the socialist left for more than a century. It runs approximately 80 pages and can be obtained from in pdf form here:

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June 29, 2018


General meetings are planned for the third Friday of odd months.