Orange County DSA is funded and democratically run by our members. The chapter is guided by an Executive Committee that is elected annually.

Executive Committee:

    • Jessica Riegert, Chair
    • Josh Galiley, Co-Chair
    • Heaven Ramirez, Secretary
    • David Oakley Jr., Treasurer
    • August Carleton
    • Byron Lopez
    • Garret K. Larsen
    • Cem Surmeli
    • Richard Prince

There are currently three open seats.

Working Groups & Committees:

  • Socialist Feminism Working Group: Fight for reproductive and economic justice among working class women. Provide the intersectional Feminist perspective to fight against capitalism as well as combating the patriarchy.
  • Electoral Politics Committee: Identify, support, and run political candidates who will use elected office to create a more egalitarian, democratic society that works for the benefit of the many, not the few.
  • Libertarian Socialist Working Group: The OC local for the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the DSA. Our goal is to promote participatory democracy, accountability, direct action, mutual aid, and promoting Libertarian Socialism in Orange County.


  • Homeless outreach: Providing mutual aid to Orange County’s most vulnerable population, the homeless. Volunteers donate their time and resources to help give food and supplies.
  • Wage Justice Legal Clinic: Bosses will take advantage of workers at any opportunity. Overtime violations, time card issues, piece work problems, stolen meal and rest breaks, are common issues for which we seek justice in the CA Labor Courts.
  • Brakelight Clinic: An inoperable tail-light is the most common probable cause that law enforcement officers use to create a traffic stop. Repairing tail-lights reduces interactions with law enforcement, and that helps keep our community safe.