Orange County DSA is funded and democratically run by our members. The chapter is guided by an Steering Committee that is elected annually.

Steering Committee:

    • Byron Lopez, Chair
    • Curtis Franklin, Vice-Chair
    • Sarah Letham, Secretary
    • Nick D’Andrea, Treasurer
    • Ben Melville
    • Adrian Reyes
    • Adam Robinson
    • Anonymous
    • John Nunn

Working Groups & Committees:

  • Socialist Feminism Working Group: Fight for reproductive and economic justice among working class women. Provide the intersectional Feminist perspective to fight against capitalism as well as combating the patriarchy.
  • Electoral Politics Committee: Identify, support, and run political candidates who will use elected office to create a more egalitarian, democratic society that works for the benefit of the many, not the few.
  • Libertarian Socialist Working Group: The OC local for the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the DSA. Our goal is to promote participatory democracy, accountability, direct action, mutual aid, and promoting Libertarian Socialism in Orange County.


  • Homeless outreach: Providing mutual aid to Orange County’s most vulnerable population, the homeless. Volunteers donate their time and resources to help give food and supplies.
  • Brakelight Clinic: An inoperable tail-light is the most common probable cause that law enforcement officers use to create a traffic stop. Repairing tail-lights reduces interactions with law enforcement, and that helps keep our community safe.